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1. Please heed all safety instructions on the warning label at the bottom of the container.

2. Allow the candle to burn to the edges on its initial use for it to reach its full melt pool (this is to prevent tunneling in the candle). This should take around 2-3 hours. However, try to not burn the candle for more than 4 hours to prevent soot build-up on the wick.

3. The wick will be pre-trimmed when you receive it, but be sure to trim it before each subsequent burn to prevent the flame from getting too large, which will burn through your candle at a faster pace. The ideal height for cotton wicks is 1/4" and for wooden wicks is 1/8-3/16". We sell wick trimmers in our shop, but you can also just pinch off the burnt part with your fingers.

4. Some candle scents are stronger than others. If the scent is not as strong as you would like, try burning in a smaller room. We recommend using our 4oz tin candles for smaller rooms and our 8oz glass candles for larger ones.

5. Do not be alarmed if you see any frosting (crystallization or chalky white edges) or post-burn bumpiness on your candle. This is an attribute of 100% natural soy wax. It's not the prettiest wax out there, but we still love it~

Wooden Wick Troubleshooting

Wooden wicks give a touch of sophistication to your candle but they can be quite finicky! Here are some notes if you are having trouble getting your wooden wick to light.

1. When you initially light your wick, give it some time to stabilize. The flame will dance around a little and may appear on the verge of extinguishing, but more often than not it will revive itself without interference and keep its flame. 

 2. If the flame does go out completely, trim the charred bits so that the top is even and try lighting it again.  

 3. Be sure to always trim the top before relighting (you can use a wick trimmer or pinch it off with your fingers) so that there are no uneven edges. The ideal height for wooden wicks is 1/8-3/16". If it is too long, the flame will not be able to soak up the wax and it will go out. 

 4. It can be helpful to hold your jar sideways when you light it so that the flame of your lighter will envelop the whole wick.  

5. If you ever feel like your wick has been trimmed too short, you can take some steps to correct this. If the wax is still melted, you can stick a piece of paper towel in it to soak up some of the wax. If the wax is solid, you can scoop out some of the wax and re-melt the wax evenly with a hair dryer, so that more of the wick becomes exposed. Only take these steps when the candle is unlit. 

 If you have any other issues after taking these actions, feel free to reach out to us and we would be happy to troubleshoot with you!


Finished with your candle? You can clean your container to either toss it in the recycling bin or reuse it as a storage container!

1. Remove the leftover wax, wick, and wick sticker from the container (a plastic knife works well for this).

2. Sit the container on some hot water or blow with a hair dryer to melt the remaining wax. Do not pour water inside the container, because you do not want to pour wax down the drain 

3. Use a paper towel to wipe the melted wax. Then wash with soap and warm water, or wipe with alcohol 

4. We do not  recommend storing edible items in these containers, as traces of wax and fragrance oil could remain